Storm Stoppers® are The Plywood Alternative® for temporary window and door protection during strong storms, hail core, hurricanes, tornadoes and nor’easters. Storm Stoppers install without penetrating anchors such as screws and bolts, and our lightweight Lab Impact & Wall of Wind Tested panels can be attached and removed in under a minute per window. We sell Storm Stoppers Storm direct to the end-use, retail customer. We do not distribute our product through “big box” home improvement chains.

*Note: Storm Stoppers are not considered hurricane shutters or storm shutters since they do not bolt on to the structure using penetrating fasteners.

Storm Stoppers benefits that our customers love:

  • Can be cut with a carpet knife and a straight edge. No power tools are needed!
  • Lightweight and easy to re-install before a storm, in less than a minute per window for first floor openings.
  • Translucent and let in lots of light.
  • Sold in kit form with all the components necessary for installation.
  • Innovative use of the patented 3M Dual Lock Fastening System means there are no unsightly holes in your home.
  • Have been approved by many Homeowner Associations (HOAs) because they look great.
  • Oversized 65 x 108” and 76 x 85” panel sizes allows you to protect larger windows and get more window yield per panel.
  • The first and only DIY storm protection product that gives the homeowner a fast and safe exit from every opening in an emergency!
  • Very affordable. The average DIY materials cost is between $6 and $7 per square foot for the Storm Stoppers Kit.

Storm Stoppers Performance and Lab Testing Standards:

  • Storm Stoppers have been Large Missile 2 x 4’ Impact Tested to ASTM E1886 & ASTM E1996-06 Standards for Wind Zones 1 & 2 (winds <130 mph).  This Large Missile 2 x 4’ Impact Test was done on December 21, 2005 at National Certified Testing Laboratories (NCTL).  There was glass behind the panel and there was no glass breakage at impact.  Watch the Large Missile 2 x 4’ Test video of Storm Stoppers compared to plywood!

    • Storm Stoppers have been “Wall of Wind” Tested to 143 mph sustained winds and rain at the International Hurricane Research Center (IHRC) at Florida International University in Miami, Florida. This replicated the wind and rain of a Category 4 Hurricane and an EF3 Tornado. The wind was so extreme that at 126.8 mph (143 mph at 33 feet), the testing structure was ripped off its foundation and rolled 50 feet away, but the Storm Stoppers window and door protection panels remained attached!

  • Storm Stoppers have protected many homes in six major hurricanes since 2005. Storm Stoppers have also protected homes in Oklahoma from tornado flying debris and hail core.

Storm Stoppers Product Ordering Information:

You can Request a DIY Quote on our website. Within 48 hours of your DIY Quote Request, we will mail you a free Storm Stoppers sample and we will email you the following:

  • Our 8 x 11” printable cutting diagram: This details how many 76 x 85” and 65 x 108” Storm Stoppers panels your home needs, and shows how you would cut your window and door panels out of the Storm Stoppers.
  • Our itemized DIY Quote: This details the specific installation components your home needs, such as 3M Dual Lock fastener pairs, removal handles, location labels and adhesive bonding primer. Click here to see a sample cutting diagram.

Storm Stoppers are sold only as a DIY Kit:

Storm Stoppers® can protect a variety of windows on your home or business. Storm Stoppers can be easily cut and shaped to accommodate different window and door shapes and sizes, from flush-mounted to recessed openings. Storm Stoppers can be used to protect single family homes, manufactured/mobile homes, commercial businesses and county buildings/fire stations.