Tornado Facts That Could Save Your Life
May 6, 2016

Tornado Safety for Your Home and Family

Living through a tornado can be very scary. Tornadoes can travel across open land quickly and can change directions and intensity. Families must prepare to protect their home long before a tornado forms.

Tornado Safety for your Family

According to the NOAA, the best thing to do for your family is to have a tornado plan in place. This is planning where to go during the storm, and having a place to meet after the storm. Depending on the type of home your family lives in can change the tornado safety plan. With all plans, always avoid windows.

Homes with Basements

There is more to plan than just heading down to the basement during a storm, families must also think about where large pieces of furniture and appliances might be above them. Plan to have protection available like helmets and thick sleeping bags or mattresses to keep the family protected from anything that might fall from above.

Homes without Basements

Plan to gather your family on the lowest floor of the home in a center room. This could be a bathroom or even a closet, since they will not have windows. Stay as low as possible to the floor, and have protection available like sleeping bags and mattresses in case of a collapse of the ceiling or roof.

Mobile Homes

If you live in a mobile home, it is best to get out. Even mobile homes that are tied down can be dangerous. Research local shelters, so when a tornado watch is issued you can gather your family and quickly get to safety.

Tornado Safety for your Home

Flying debris such as roof tiles and branches can be the greatest danger during a tornado, so protecting your windows will be your greatest opportunity to keep your home safe. Wind borne debris during a tornado and hailstorm can break your windows and allow wind and rain into your home, causing damage and high insurance claims. Original 3/8” Storm Stoppers has been ASTM Large Missile 2 x 4’ and 143 mph Wall of Wind tested to repel wind borne debris. This is important in keeping your family and home safe.


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