Thank you for your interest in being a Plywood Alternative Distributor. Since most 15/32” CDX plywood is retailing for $80 per 4 x 8’ panel, our exclusive Plywood Alternative product’s MSRP is less than twice that retail, with larger profit margins for your stores. At our lower $129.95 MSRP, an order of 5 pallets would yield markup of 67% and Gross Margin of 40%.

Our wrapped pallets of 50 Plywood Alternative plastic panels are 48″ wide X 96″ long X 25 inches high and weigh 700 lbs. per poly-wrapped pallet. Pallets are shipped on an enclosed trailer, so you will need a dock-high warehouse with a forklift to unload. Plywood Alternative pallets can be double and triple-stacked in your warehouse or storage yard. There is UV protection added to each 4 x 8′ Plywood Alternative translucent plastic panel and they can be stored outside, either in a covered area or exposed to the elements. We include a white panel on top that protects the top sheet from the sun. This must always be secured on top when storing pallets outside.

Our sales mantra the last 2 decades of business is “YOU CANNOT SELL FROM AN EMPTY WAGON!” If you don’t have Plywood Alternative in stock, you cannot sell it! A great in-store display would be to show a 4 x 4’ piece of plywood next to the same size Plywood Alternative plastic panel and have customers be able to SEE the benefits side-by-side!

Below are our 10 Business Principles, followed by the submission form. Once you hit “SUBMIT,” you will be emailed a link to our wholesale price list/order form immediately. I will call to introduce myself and answer any of your questions shortly thereafter. Thank you.

John D. Smith, President & Inventor

2021 Distributor Business Principles

  1. We choose not to distribute Plywood Alternative through “big box” stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot This is to protect our small business customers of independently-owned lumber yards and hardware stores. Plus, it gives our Plywood Alternative brand prestige and independence.   
  2. Plywood Alternative has many other uses besides storm protection Plywood Alternative® 4 x 8’ Hurricane Panels main use is as window and door protection during hurricanes, hailstorms and high wind events. Plywood Alternative® may have other uses, such as under weight room rubber flooring for impact protection from dropped weights, as a backing board under Bocce Ball Courts, and the like. Distributors may find still other applications.  You should be careful about using Plywood Alternative for flooring or roofing applications.  This is because there is the “give” of impact absorption when walking on a panel stretched over ceiling trusses or floor joists.  This could disrupt your balance and lead to injury, so Plywood Alternative shouldn’t be used for flooring or roofing applications when this isn’t known.
  3. Plywood Alternative has been Lab Tested Plywood Alternative has been ASTM E 1996-06 Large Missile 2 x 4’ and 143 mph Wall of Wind Tested to repel windborne debris with no penetration. Please see Lab Testing Video on the Lab Testing page.
  4. We include free LTL freight for all wholesale pallet purchases, and supply 2 free plastic panels on every pallet. Free LTL freight shipping is a value of $300 per 50 panels. The 2 free panels protect the 50 you are paying for and will increase your profit margins.  Average transit time from order to delivery is 1-2 weeks.
  5. Plywood Alternative can be safely cut without power tools. Just a carpet knife and a straight edge. You can see the “How to Cut” video here.  Offering cutting services can be a profitable add-on service.
  6. We support our Distributors in many ways. We include free LTL Freight Shipping on all wholesale pallet orders. Your first wholesale order will include 20 product samples customized with your store’s name and 1 free DIY Cutting Tools Kit, as shown at 1:30 in the How to Cut Video.  This DIY Cutting Tools Kit MSRP is $95, with the component costs around $40.  The DIY Cutting Tools Kit is a companion retail item, or can be used as an incentive and given away for Free when a customer buys a quantity, say 10 or more, of Plywood Alternative plastic panels.  On your first 6 pallet order, you will receive a portable DVD player with the Plywood Alternative Cutting Video & the separate Test Video DVDs on a continuous loop. With your first cumulative truckload order above 20 pallets, we will send our Mascot “Plywood Alternative Man” (PAM), shown above, for a store appearance.  P.A.M. will hand out additional samples we will ship you, plus pitch the local media and attempt to drive traffic to your store.Each wrapped pallet of Plywood Alternative has 4 signs that you can display throughout your retail store as well.  We also have the ability to create free signage for your locations, incorporating your store’s name and logo along with the sales messages for the Plywood Alternative product.
  7. Plywood Alternative pallets can be stored outdoors. There is a blue protective panel that must remain on top when stored outside. This blue protective panel shields the UV in the plastic panels from sun exposure.
  8. Double-stacked, a truckload of Plywood Alternative allows 24 pallets totaling 1,200 plastic panels. Triple stacked allows 36 pallets with 1,800 plastic panels.
  9. We do not offer exclusive territories or exclusive distributorships We want ALL retailers to be able to offer the benefits of Plywood Alternative to their customers, similar to how 15/32” CDX Plywood is available everywhere.
  10. We do not offer payment terms We are not staffed to chase receivables who are either poor businesspeople and cannot pay, or dishonest and decide they won’t pay. When you place an order, we will ship within 48 hours 48 hours of receiving payment in full with a credit card, or within 48 hours of your Company Check clearing (larger orders). We do not charge fees for customers paying with credit cards.
  11. Focus on sell throughs before committing to a large order We encourage new distributors to determine the sell-through rates before committing to large orders. Sell through is the unit sales divided by the starting quantity. If you purchased 4 pallets of 50 and sold 2 pallets of 50 to individual customers in 30 days (200 starting and selling 100), that is a monthly sell through ratio of 50%.  One pallet of 50 sheets of Plywood Alternative is enough for 5-7 customers, so the focus should be on selling what you purchase before re-ordering.  The speed at which you sell Plywood Alternative will give you the guidance on what volume to purchase on a re-order.
We will never sell or share your info with other companies. All fields marked by a red asterisk below are required. Once you submit this form, you will be emailed the 2021 Wholesale Pricelist and Order Form.