Thank you for your interest in being a Plywood Alternative Retail Dealer. Here are our business principles:

1. The Plywood Alternative is not a building material and should only be sold for window and door protection during hurricanes and for any other application needing a lightweight but super-strong impact-resistant material;  Plywood Alternative should not be used for flooring, roofing, as a drywall replacement, etc.

2. Everything is in stock in our Florida and Ohio warehouses, so we can ship to you FAST, within 1 week on average from order date to delivery.

3. We do not offer exclusive territories. They do not work, as when a customer refers a friend in another territory, you wouldn’t be able to sell to them, since it would be outside your territory.

4. We do not offer payment terms. We are not staffed to chase receivables who are either poor businesspeople and cannot pay, or dishonest and decide they aren’t going to pay.When you place an order, we will run your card and ship
immediately, within 24 hours of receiving payment in full.

5. We include LTL freight shipping in our wholesale prices. Freight shipping for pallets of plywood is added on to the wholesale price, with truckloads of plywood (14 pallets/50 sheets on average) only receiving free freight. In
contrast, with the Plywood Alternative, you pay the wholesale cost per pallet of 50 sheets only. You’ll never pay added freight with the Plywood Alternative.

6. At a retail price of $99.95, your gross margin will range between 39% to 51%, depending on order quantities. At a retail price of $124.95, GM range is 51% to 60%.

7. We support our Distributors a variety of ways. Once a minimum purchase has been met, we will provide 1 register display with DVD player with our Large Missile 2 x 4′ and 143 mph Wall of Wind Test Videos playing on a loop. We
also provide a limited number of product samples to each location, customized with your contact info.

With certain orders, we will also send our Mascot “Plywood Alternative Man” (PAM) for an appearance at your store. PAM will hand out samples, pitch the local media and attempt to drive traffic to
your store.

To receive a product sample, wholesale price list and Agreement, please complete and submit the form below. If you have any questions, please send me a text to 407-719-6988—cell. Thank you!

We will never sell or share your email with other companies. All fields below are required. If you provide a dummy email or phone (i.e. 000-000-0000), we will be unable to process your request.