Thank you for your interest in being a Plywood Alternative Distributor. To receive our Wholesale Price List with quantity price breaks, please complete and submit the form below.

Our wholesale prices are from $68 to $88 per 4 x 8′ plastic Plywood Alternative panel, and the Suggested Retail MSRP is between $129.95 and $149.95 per panel. At the $129.95 MSRP, your markup would be 51% and your Gross Margin is between 34%–$48%, depending on pallet order quantity. Our wrapped pallets of 50 Plywood Alternative plastic panels are 48″ wide X 96″ long X 24″ high and weigh 700 lbs. per poly-wrapped pallet. You will need a forklift to remove the Plywood Alternative pallets from the LTL truck and can stack the wrapped pallets up to 3 high in your warehouse. There is UV protection added to each 4 x 8′ Plywood Alternative translucent plastic panel and they can be stored in high heat locations like a shed or garage. Most retail customers will store them upright by strapping Plywood Alternative panels to the wall with bungees and eye hooks, like the photo. Another popular storage method is in a rack suspended from the garage ceiling, like the photo  Our Product Info page has our Lab Testing Video & Recommended Use info.

To increase your profit margins, we include 2 free plastic panels on every pallet of 50 Plywood Alternative panels. We also include Free LTL Freight Shipping to your location from our warehouse on all wholesale orders. Our minimum order of 1 pallet includes 1 free DIY Cutting Tools Kit valued at $85 containing a carpet knife, surform shaver, spring clamps, marker and apron, and 10 Plywood Alternative samples. On your first order of 6 pallets, you will receive 1 Retail Display with a 10 inch Tablet Monitor playing our How to Cut/Product Info video on a loop, and 40 Plywood Alternative samples, customized with your Distributor Name, Address and Phone. You will receive 40 customized Plywood Alternative samples on every 6 pallet or greater order thereafter. From order to delivery is an average of 1 to 2 weeks.

Below are our 12 Business Principles. The mantra that has guided us the last 17 years is “YOU CANNOT SELL FROM AN EMPTY WAGON!” With the current scarcity of plywood, your customers can only purchase Plywood Alternative if you have it in stock! The best market research is showing the Plywood Alternative sample to your customers. They will tell you all the benefits: “Wow”, “Lets in light!”, “Easy to Cut” and similar. At retail of twice the $75 retail of a 15/32″ sheet of plywood, your customers will appreciate purchasing Plywood Alternative ONCE, as opposed to purchasing plywood many times. In addition to the weatherproof material and reusability, your customers will also appreciate the light coming into their home from every protected opening, how they can cut Plywood Alternative without any dangerous power tools and the fact that each 4 x 8′ Plywood Alternative panel weighs just 12 lbs. per panel and can be easily carried by one person and quickly installed prior to a hurricane or approaching hailstorm.

Here are our 12 Business Principles, followed by the submission form. You will be emailed a link to our Wholesale Prices shortly after you submit the form. My staff will follow up with you within the next few days. I look forward to having you on board as a Plywood Alternative Distributor!

John D. Smith, President & Inventor

  1. Plywood Alternative is not a building material Plywood Alternative® 4 x 8’ Hurricane Panels should only be used for window and door protection during hurricanes and strong storms. Plywood Alternative should not be used for flooring, roofing, as a drywall replacement, etc.
  2. Plywood Alternative has been extensively Lab Tested Plywood Alternative has been ASTM E 1996-06 Large Missile 2 x 4’ and 143 mph Wall of Wind Tested to repel windborne debris with no penetration. Please see Product Info & Testing Video on the Lab Testing page.
  3. We ship FAST We ship Free LTL from our warehouses. Plywood Alternative takes approximately 1 to 2 weeks from order date to delivery. Our warehouses do not allow Distributor pickups, nor do we give tours of our operation. Our customers value the Free LTL Freight with delivery right to their business.
  4. We do not offer exclusive territories Exclusive Territories do not work, as when a customer refers a friend in another territory, you wouldn't be able to sell to them.
  5. We do not offer payment terms We are not staffed to chase receivables who are either poor businesspeople and cannot pay, or dishonest and decide they won’t pay.  When you place an order, we will ship within 48 hours of receiving payment in full with a credit card (minimum order for 1 pallet), or within 48 hours of your Company Check clearing (larger orders).
  6. Payment Methods We accept credit cards up to $8,600 purchases and Company Checks in advance for larger orders.
  7. We offer free LTL freight for wholesale purchases of 2 or more pallets This is a value of at least $200 per pallet of 50 panels.
  8. We supply 2 extra free sheets on each pallet of 50 These free top and bottom sheets protect the 50 you are paying for and will increase your profit margins.
  9. Our truckloads fit 24 pallets of 50 or 1,200 sheets A truckload of plywood only allows 700 sheets, in 14 pallets of 50. Our panels are also stronger than plywood, but weigh just over 12 lbs. each.
  10. Your Margins are 34% to 48% at our MSRP Retail of $129.95, depending on pallet order quantities
  11. Plywood Alternative can be cut without power tools Just a carpet knife and a straight edge. You can see the “How to Cut” video on the Home Page. Offering cutting and/or installation services can be very profitable, as cutting is a much easier and safer process than plywood.
  12. We support our Distributors in many ways:  We include free LTL Freight Shipping on all orders! Every order 6 pallets and above receives 40 product samples customized with Distributor Name, Address and Phone. On their first 6 pallet order, the Distributor will receive an In-Store Display with an 8 inch Tablet playing the Plywood Alternative Cutting & Test Video on a continuous loop. With the first truckload order above 20 pallets going to one location, we will send our Mascot “Plywood Alternative Man” (PAM), shown above, for a 2 hour store appearance. P.A.M. will hand out additional samples we will ship you, plus pitch the local media and attempt to drive traffic to your store.
We will never sell or share your info with other companies. All fields marked by a red asterisk below are required. Once you submit this form, you will be emailed the 2021 Wholesale Pricelist and Order Form.