Plywood AlternativePlywood Alternative Business Principles:

Our sales mantra during our 18 years in business is “YOU CANNOT SELL FROM AN EMPTY WAGON!” If you don’t have Plywood Alternative in stock, you cannot sell it! A great in-store display would be to show a 48 x 48” half sheet of plywood next to the same size Plywood Alternative plastic panel and have customers be able to SEE the benefits side-by-side!

Below are our 10 Business Principles. My cell is 407-719-6988. I look forward to having you on board as a Plywood Alternative Wholesale Distributor. Thank you.

John D. Smith, President & Inventor

2022 Business Principles:

1. We are the Exclusive Manufacturer & this is our 19th year in business.

2. Plywood Alternative 3/8″ Translucent Panels for boarding up homes & buildings have been both ASTM E1886 & ASTM 1996-06 Large Missile 2 x 4’ & 143 mph Wall of Wind Lab Tested. Our extensive testing is appreciated by retail customers. Please see Lab Testing Video on the Lab Testing page. There is also substantial UV protection so Plywood Alternative can be used outdoors for extended periods of time. Please see our disclosures on Plywood Alternative UV Disclosure page.

3. We don’t sell to Lowe’s & Home Depot. This is to protect your business from the oppressive “big box” sales tactics of selling below cost, among many negatives.

4. Plywood Alternative has many other uses besides storm protection. Plywood Alternative 48 x 96” plastic panels can also be used as a Building Material, to protect sports courts from the weather, as a temporary roof for outdoor pergolas in the snow, etc.

5. Plywood Alternative 3/8″ Translucent Panels for boarding up homes are available in 48 x 96″ & 76 x 85″ plastic panel sizes. These are in stock for delivery to you within 2 weeks of your pre-paid order. Each pallet of 50 includes 2 free panels. The 2 free panels protect the 50 you are paying for and may increase your profit margins.

6. Plywood Alternative 3/8″ Translucent Board Up material can be safely cut without power tools. Just a carpet knife and a straight edge. You can see the “How to Cut” video. Offering cutting and installation services can be a profitable add-on service for your store.

7. Plywood Alternative pallets can be double or triple-stacked and stored outdoors. There is a blue protective panel that must remain on top when stored outside. Each wrapped pallet of Plywood Alternative has 4 signs that you can display throughout your store as well.

8. Double-stacked, a truckload of Plywood Alternative allows 24 pallets totaling 1,200 Plywood Alternative 48″ x 96″ plastic panels. Triple stacked allows 36 pallets with 1,800 plastic panels.

9. We do not offer exclusive territories. We  want all retailers to be able to offer the benefits of Plywood Alternative to their customers, similar to how 15/32″ CDX Plywood is available everywhere.

10. We also Manufacture 1/8″ Jobsite Floor Protection. This is a thinner plastic panel, available in white, blue & black, that is laid down to protect a wood or tile floor during construction or renovations.