Plywood AlternativeRecommended Use and UV Disclosure

The recommended use of the Plywood Alternative storm panels is for hurricane & hail protection for windows and doors. You should put them up before an approaching storm and remove them after the storm has passed. Leaving them up continuously (such as the entire 6 month hurricane season) will shorten the useful life. It would be similar to lying in the sun for an extended period without sunscreen.

Plywood Alternative Plastic Panels Useful Life:

Plywood Alternative panels have almost three times the UV disclosure protection as outdoor signage. Our experience after 17 years in business has taught us that you can leave your panels continuously installed for up to 30 days at a time, such as when you go on vacation. However, leaving Plywood Alternative installed longer than 30 days at a time (such as all 6 months of the hurricane season) shortens their useful life.

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