Plywood Alternative features a 48 x 96” plastic panel that is 80% lighter than plywood, much stronger, lets in light where plywood does not and is easy to cut with just a carpet knife and a straight edge.  Many of our new Distributors tell us they will be offering installation services with Plywood Alternative, because of these many benefits. Most plywood sold for boarding up windows is 15/32 thick and costs approximately $45 to $60 per sheet. If your customer is spending $45 to $60 for a single-use sheet of plywood for the next hurricane or hailstorm, they will be VERY interested in spending less than twice that for our Plywood Alternative–a reusable, lighter, safer and stronger storm panel that lets lots of light into their boarded-up home or business. To learn more about us  Click here for the 10 Business Principles Page!

Plywood Alternative! You can count on us!